* Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of fusion splicer.
* Jilong was established in 1996, developed the first automatic fusion splicer in China the same year.
* Jilong owns independent intellectual property rights of KL series fusion splicer’s software&hardwareRead More »



● 1996 – First fusion splicer in China: KL-160.
● 1997 – Fusion splicer : KL-170.
● 1999 – Fusion splicer: KL-170A.
● 2000 – Fusion splicer KL-200
● 2001 – Fusion splicer KL-200
● 2002 – Fusion splicer : KL-180
● 2003 – Fusion splicer : KL-200A & KL-190ARead More »

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Hot Products

  • Fusion Splicer KL 360E

    Orinial Real-Time-Arc Calibration funtion, which enable fusion super stable, reliable, suitable for long-haul installation & maintenance.

    Sperate fiber pressing system ,ceremic presusre heads

    Auto & fast heating ,editable heating time & temperature

    Independent developed software based on Linux

    High-quanlity splicing  guarantted 5000m above sea level

  • Fusion Splicer KL-520E

    • Core to Core Alignment by  PAS Technology (PAS: profile  alignment system)
    • Fiber core can be display clearly
    • Single X or Y view and X&Y view simultaneously
    • Auto check &display quality of cleaved end face
    • 3.5 inch color LCD
    • Software update via USB port
  • Fusion Splicer KL-280E

    • Core-Core alignement by PAS technology
    • Fiber core can be display clearly
    • Single X or Y view and X&Y view simultaneously
    • Real-time & auto control of ARC power
    • Auto check &display quality of cleaved end face
    • Low splice loss control technology
    • Auto compensation of low air pressure
    • Software update via USB interface
  • Fusion Splicer KL-300T

  • Handheld Fusion Splicer KL-500E

    Core-Core or Clad-Clad Alignment

    PAS Technology

    X&Y views dispaly or X/Y single display

    Handheld & portable

    Size: 125×105×113 (mm)

    SOC available

    3-in-one fiber clamp

    3.5 inch color LCD

    Software update via USB port

  • Handheld Fusion Splicer KL-510E

    Core-Core & Clad-Clad Alignment
    PAS Technology
    3-in-one combination clamp
    X&Y view or Single X/Y view display
    SOC available
    Typical 9 seconds

  • Fusion Splicer KL-280G

    Core-Core & Clad – Clad Alignement

    PAS Technology

    Fiber core & clad display with high resolution

    X&Y view display or X/Y single display

    Auto check leaved end face

    5.7 inch color LCD

    Software update via USB port

  • Fiber Cleaver KL-31F

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