* Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of fusion splicer.
* Jilong was established in 1996, developed the first automatic fusion splicer in China the same year.
* Jilong owns independent intellectual property rights of KL series fusion splicer’s software&hardwareRead More »



● 1996 – First fusion splicer in China: KL-160.
● 1997 – Fusion splicer : KL-170.
● 1999 – Fusion splicer: KL-170A.
● 2000 – Fusion splicer KL-200
● 2001 – Fusion splicer KL-200
● 2002 – Fusion splicer : KL-180
● 2003 – Fusion splicer : KL-200A & KL-190ARead More »

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Hot Products

  • Fusion Splicer KL 360E

    Fast-splicing 9s, fast-heating 18s

    Electrodes life: 5000 times

    Average splicing loss: 0.01dB

    5200mAh battery capacity, 260 times splice & heat cycles

    Saved 10000 sets of welding results, 100 sets of images

    5″800×480 HD screen

    380X/190X magnification

    Suitable for SM/MM/DS/NZDS/BIF single core fiber

    Special 3-in-1 fiber holder, suitable for bare fiber/3.0mm jump fiber/pigtail fiber/FTTH fiber

  • Fusion Splicer KL-520E

    5″ TFT color LCD

    10000 Groups of fusion records, 100 groups images

    Real time discharge processing, stable Fiber splicing

    FTTH Fiber optic fusion splicer. Easy to operate

    USB interface; Convenient for data download and software update

  • Fusion Splicer KL-280E

  • Fusion Splicer KL-300T

    9s Splicing, 18s heating

    5000 times Electrodes life

    Average splice loss: 0.01dB

    7800mAh battery capacity, recyclable 260 times splice + heat

    Storage of splice results: 10000 results, 100 sets of Images

    5″ 800×480 HD LCD display

    360X/180X Magnification, fiber core extremely clear

    Suitable for SM/MM/DS/NZDS/BIF single core fiber

    3-in-1 universal fiber holder. Suitable for jump fiber, pigtail fiber, bare fiber,flat cable

  • Handheld Fusion Splicer KL-500E

    Core-Core or Clad-Clad Alignment

    PAS Technology

    X&Y views dispaly or X/Y single display

    Handheld & portable

    Size: 125×105×113 (mm)

    SOC available

    3-in-one fiber clamp

    3.5 inch color LCD

    Software update via USB port

  • Handheld Fusion Splicer KL-510E

    Fast-splicing 9s, fast-heating 35s

    5000 Times electrode service life

    Return loss under 60dB

    Average loss 0.01dB

    2600mAh Battery capacity,100 splice & heat cycles

    5 Inch TFT color LCD

    200X Fiber image magnification

    Saved 10000 groups splicing results.100 sets of images

    Handheld fusion splicer with compact, light weight & faster

    3-in-1 Fiber holder suitable for bare fiber, pigtail fiber,jump fiber, flat fiber

  • Fusion Splicer KL-280G

  • Fiber Cleaver KL-31F

    New design one-step cleaver

    48000 Cleaves blade Life

    Cleaved angle ≤5°

    3-in-1 Universal fiber holder. Suitable for flat fiber, pigtail fiber, bare fiber

    Large capacity waste fiber bin, automatic collecting , reduce pollution and scratches

    Tungsten steel refined blade

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