Do you know design principles of fusion splicer?

Do you know design principles of fusion splicer?

The use of fusion splicer is more and more, but the principle of fusion splicer is not very understood.

1. First of all, find out the design of the network and how the status to be, why need fiber.

2. Select the cable, fiber optic network equipment, jumper, and other items according to the actual situation. In the selection process should be based on practical application, followed by the price, performance and brand to determine.

3. Draw the corresponding wiring diagram according to the customer’s requirements.

4. When the line is long, it is necessary to calculate the attenuation margin in the system. The formula is the attenuation allowance = the transmit light power – the acceptance sensitivity – the line attenuation – the connection attenuation. The attenuation in the connection includes the attenuation of the fused attenuator, which is associated with the technical level of the fuser.

5. If the accounting is not acceptable, it should be modified according to the situation design, and then re-accounting.

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