Domestic and import fusion splicer,which is better?

Domestic and import fusion splicer,which is better?

In the choice of fusion splicer, may be a lot of people will ask, in the end is the choice of domestic, or imports? The following by the manufacturers to answer this question for you

Here we first compare the domestic and imported fusion splicer:

1.Imported fusion splicer
Welding loss is small, the equipment stability is higher. High prices, 5W or so. Aftermarket inconvenience, replacement parts accessories are expensive, and the maintenance cycle is longer.

2.Domestic fusion splicer
Performance in the slowly improve, although there is a gap between imports and imports, but now a lot better, and imported machines, low prices, my friends around the country made. Service is quite good, there are spare machines, maintenance cycle is short, and maintenance costs are low, the overall performance cost is higher.

In fact, choose what brand of fusion splicer, imported or domestic are not so important, it is important to see your own use, their own project is a long-distance trunk, metro, general engineering or fiber to the home? What is the size of the loss requirements? We have to choose according to these for their own.

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