Fault determination method of fusion splicer

Fault determination method of fusion splicer

Fiber splicer will inevitably cause some problems after long-term use. Sometimes it is a fatal failure of the machine, such as internal parts damage. At this time, it needs to be returned to the factory for repair, but most of the time, some simple Faults can be solved by the user himself. It is very important for the user of the fusion splicer to be able to maintain the machine himself and to determine and solve simple problems.
An optical fiber fusion splicer is a precision instrument that can be divided into hardware, software, and consumables for understanding. At the same time, we can compare it to a gun to explain the role of various components.

i. As a hardware part, the V-groove is a lance. If it is not straight, the bullet to be shot out will be smashed, and the optical fiber will be inaccurate. The optical fiber presser foot is a front sight. When there is a problem, the fiber cannot be fixed.

Ii. As part of the software, observing the optical path of the fiber is just like our eyes. If it is not clear, then the core cannot be completed. The internal firmware of the machine is like our brain, and we must always ensure that it is in the latest state.

Iii. As part of consumables, the splicer will only have electrode rods. This is like a bullet. If a bad bomb occurs, the serious result can be imagined.

Therefore, when we use and maintain the fusion splicer, we need to use the above understanding methods to look at the standby device. It is particularly important that we often see the People’s Liberation Army wipe the gun before the battle. This is because we want to prevent When the guns are jammed during the fight, the same fusion splicer cannot accumulate dust and rubbish inside. We must put the fusion splicer clean and put it in the carrying case after completing the daily work. Otherwise, the garbage will accumulate and eventually cause the splicer to malfunction.

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