Fusing quality of fusion splicer – reflective alignment system

Fusing quality of fusion splicer – reflective alignment system

Fusion splicer continuous improvement, innovation, to provide high quality and requirements. The use of optical fiber bending can be light from the fiber into and out of the characteristics of the laser light into the fiber, and then received from the other end. Using the strength of the light source to align the fiber, when the light source loss to a minimum, and then discharge the welding. Alignment in this way can effectively reduce the loss of welding, especially the different materials (brand) of the fiber, and the quality of the welding is quite stable.

Reflective alignment of fusion splicer to improve the quality of welding mainly in the following points:

1.Not affected by the light (fiber) cable material: the loss of welding between different fibers will be different eccentricity, pi, material, melting point, etc., and this is the site of the welding loss is too large The reason, the use of LID system can effectively solve this problem, because the LID system is a light source into the fiber, the use of light intensity to align the fiber, not the appearance of fiber, material, more new generation of AFC Automatic adjustment of the system (eg CORNING X60) allows precise control of the temperature at which the fiber is welded to achieve the lowest loss of fusion.

2.Save more than half of the working hours: LID system welding success rate is extremely high, because the loss of value is too high and re-welding of the situation is very small, can effectively improve work efficiency.

3.Low failure rate: the current LID system also has a PAS system, can be used at the same time, switch each other. If one of the systems fails during operation, you can switch between another system and use it immediately.

4.To improve the quality of work: LID system itself is an optical fiber loss tester, can be completed in the welding directly when the loss of fiber fusion point, so that the fiber line quality can maintain a very high level.

5.To reduce the loss of fiber optic lines: fiber itself has eccentricity and the problem of eccentricity, the use of LID technology can be accurate core of the core alignment, can effectively reduce the loss of welding loss.

6.The current communication construction, especially for the trunk of the more stringent requirements, so improve the quality of welding is the weight of the work of communications personnel.

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