Fusion splicer brand how to operate in China

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Fusion splicer brand how to operate in China

Currently fusion splicer business model is based on two basic forms and shapes, one is brand management,that is what we commonly known as factory outlets, such as Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co.,LTD, is a domestic enterprise which sales fusion splicer directly; the other is the bulk cargo business, what we called the agent,let’s talk about the difference between these two models.
Because in this world there are only two goods can be sold, one is product, the other is brand. Selling products has only one means of competition, that is cheaper than my opponent, so the product will get less profit, while the sales value of the brand is already out of the product itself, more important is its influence in the marketing of customer generated.Fusion Splicer

Bulk cargo business for the retail price of the product is no uniform requirement, dealers can price their products as they like. The same brand, same product, consumers will find price difference from dozens yuan to a few hundred yuan in different business. For those who have bought the product, whether how much he bought, once discovered this phenomenon, they will has a “cheated” feeling. Brand management for the retail price generally have stringent regulations, especially in the area adjacent to several more recent, the same products in all the shops with almost the same prices and discounts in the sale.

Experts believe that fusion splicer supplier can not price their products will make profit be in downward trend because of the increasingly competitive.Fusion splicer industry has relatively small cyclical fluctuation,it relates to high-tech field, technical barriers high and monopolized by a few large companies abroad. The view of our brand development prospects in various industries, fusion splicer manufacturers as brand value under the impetus of the environment still has good space to develop.

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