Fusion splicer: why replace the electrode bar

Fusion splicer: why replace the electrode bar

Rod electrode is consumption accessories of fusion splicer, so many friends do not understand why to replace the electrode bar?

To understand why we need to change the electrode rods, we must first know how the electrode rods are aged. Electrode stick with the naked eye is a very sharp needle, although itself is a metal material, hardness, will not wear, but the need for long-term high temperature discharge, so the front of the discharge will inevitably be lost.
The loss of the electrode rod is shown in Fig. During the discharge process, the fiber itself is diffused due to the high energy heat, and the tip of the electrode rod is attracted to the tip of the electrode to form non-conductive insulating impurities. The insulating film will make the arc to avoid the discharge, so the loss from the front end is likely to change as it starts from the rear, and if things go on like this will exacerbate the tip of the rod electrode wear, making it very irregular.

Thus, there are two stable starting points of the arc, it will become very unstable, there may be equipment discharge, electrode seat failure, causing damage to the machine. At the same time, the fusion loss will become very large.
So the life of the electrode rod can not be as we think, in the above case, in order to ensure the quality of welding and machine safety must be replaced.fusion-splicer

Note: The choice of the original electrode bar is also very important, fake and shoddy products in the material there is a big difference, so that not only the electrode rod life will be very short, and because of its potential will lead to instability in the discharge, so that the machine internal power devices The burden increased, or even damaged.

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