JILONG Fiber Deputy General Manager Jin Liyong in the New Year

JILONG Fiber Deputy General Manager Jin Liyong in the New Year

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening!

Timing change, leaving the struggle of the footprint; one yuan complex, carrying infinite vision. Just past 2016, is forging ahead of the year, the extraordinary year, it is an unforgettable year!

In the real economy is devastated, China’s manufacturing difficult background, the optical fiber welding machine market competition is more intense. Geelong communications upstream, the completion of the annual objectives and tasks in good above, is indeed very easy! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the efforts, devotion and sacrifices made by the company during the extraordinary year of the past, on behalf of the leaders of the company, behind these hard-won achievements. .

We can not forget that you give up the small home for everyone, fulfill their duties, willing to do a screw; we can not forget, you can not forget that you like to work hard to work hard, We can not forget that you just joined our team, to challenge one after another difficulties, the pursuit of standardized management, the best use; we can not forget that you are a day of work, Received numerous calls, the coordination of the expression of fatigue, by the number of grievances, a few people can understand? This is not just praise and praise, but from the heart of gratitude, gratitude and moving!

2016 all the way with you, 2017 together. Geelong communication has a thick technical accumulation, but also need to open up ahead of the confidence and courage, we roll up the sleeves refueling dry, together to work together, down to earth dry, carry forward the “artisans spirit”, adhere to the integration, harmony, “Enterprise” financial “culture, building brilliant Kuala Lumpur. Responsibility in the shoulder, we work together before the trip!

Spring Festival is coming, on behalf of the company leadership, to take this opportunity to all my colleagues worship an early age, I wish you all good health, career success, all the best, I wish every family happiness and well-being! I propose that we together toast, for this passionate night, in order to Geelong communications brilliant tomorrow!

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