• Fiber Fusion Splicer KL-530

    Fast-splicing 9S Fast-heating 18s

    5000 Times electrode service life

    Average loss 0.01dB

    5200mAh Battery capacity. 260 Splice & heat cycles

    10000 Groups of fusion records, 100 groups images storage

    3 Inch TFT color LCD

    3-in-1 Fiber holder

    Real time discharge correction, stable fiber splicing

    Automatic compensation of air pressure and Temperature

    300X Fiber image magnification. The fiber core is clearly visible

  • Fusion Splicer KL 360E

    Fast-splicing 9s, fast-heating 18s

    Electrodes life: 5000 times

    Average splicing loss: 0.01dB

    5200mAh battery capacity, 260 times splice & heat cycles

    Saved 10000 sets of welding results, 100 sets of images

    5″800×480 HD screen

    380X/190X magnification

    Suitable for SM/MM/DS/NZDS/BIF single core fiber

    Special 3-in-1 fiber holder, suitable for bare fiber/3.0mm jump fiber/pigtail fiber/FTTH fiber

  • Fusion Splicer KL 400E

  • Fusion Splicer KL-280E

  • Fusion Splicer KL-380

    Fast 9s splicing and 18s heating

    5000 times Electrodes life

    Average splicing loss 0.01dB

    5200mAh Lithium battery, 260 cycles splicing & heating

    Save 10000 splicing result and 100 images

    3in Color LCD monitor

    280X/140X Magnification, fiber core visible

    Applicable fibers —SM/MM/DS/NZDS/BIF

    3-in-1 fiber holder, suitable for 0.25/0.9/3.0mm fiber

  • Fusion Splicer KL-520E

    5″ TFT color LCD

    10000 Groups of fusion records, 100 groups images

    Real time discharge processing, stable Fiber splicing

    FTTH Fiber optic fusion splicer. Easy to operate

    USB interface; Convenient for data download and software update

  • Handheld OTDR DR-350

    • 3.5 Inch color display
    • Dead Zone: <3m
    • 10KM Red Laser
    • End face inspection
    • Dynamic range: 32/30dB
    • Measuring distance: 120KM
    • 15h Long standby
    • Waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof
  • Light Source DS350B

  • Mini Optical Power Meter OPM-22/22V

    Accurate measurement ±2 dB

    Continuous use 60h (only in optical power meter mode)

    VFL with 10mW (Only for OPM-22V)

    Automatic wavelength memory, 6 wavelengths 850/1310/1490/1550/1625nm

    Pocket size

    Network test, judge signal transmission

    Universal adaptor for FC/SC/ST

    With LED lights for dark environment

    Lithium battery USB-charging/ AA Batteries (optional)

  • Mini Visual Fault Locator VFL-22M

    Pocket size

    Silicone dust ca

    Measuring up to 30km, high stability

    5mm Universal adaptor for FC/ SC/ ST

    With LED lights for dark environment

    Strong light source, strong penetrating power

    Lithium battery USB-charging / AA Batteries (optional)

  • Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-45

    All-metal fuselage,CNC highly processed

    4 kinds of chucks. Easy to operate and change;

    Suitable for 0.25/0.9/2.0/3.0mm fiber

    Recognizable 2kHz, 1kHz, 270Hz signal type with beeping sound

    Identify dominant signal direction

    Universal single-mode multi-mode fiber

    Simple and practical operation

    LED display,uniform light, show clear

  • Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-50

    Light-weight, Compact Structure ,Easy to Carry

    4 in-1 Universal Chunk. Suitable for 0.25/0.9/2.0/3.0mm Fiber

    Universal Single-mode Multi-mode Fiber

    Simple and Practical Operation

    Identify Dominant Signal Direction

    Recognizable 2kHz, 1kHz, 270Hz Signal Type With Beeping Sound

    Ergonomic Design /Press the Switch/ Start Test Automatically