Tianmao flagship store of Jilong fiber officially launched

Tianmao flagship store of Jilong fiber officially launched

After several months of careful planning and thorough preparation, Jilong Tianmao flagship store which invested heavily has launched in June 2016.The main products are fusion splicer,optical multi meter,optical power meter and so on.

Official flagship store operations, marks the sales and service  get a full range of integration and upgrade, the user is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries. They can check online to get the most complete product information, with convenient and efficient shopping channels, enjoy accurate one professional services, without time and space constraints. Jilong flagship store will carry out delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance, return visits, free one-stop security service, and strive to eliminate all the worries of consumers, so that they can get the maximum protection. Consumers can get all with just a mouse click.tianmao

Official flagship store operations, it is self-evident that Jilong will benefit of own development: to expand sales, increase brand awareness, improve service, and consumers closer together to achieve interaction, break time and space constraints, shorten the sales process, expand sales channels. This is a deep reform and evolution of Jilong itself, adapt to the times tide, seize the online market, and strive to win at the starting line.

Through channels with online and offline support each other, go hand in hand. The money in the effort to build a flagship store online, showing courage and determination of all the staffs.It never rains but it pours,an aircraft carrier communications industry is already poised to set sail.
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