What are the welding methods for fusion splicer?

What are the welding methods for fusion splicer?

Now let’s share some welding methods for fusion splicer.

Method one: hot plate welding method

Metal hot plate directly on the plastic parts of the welding surface heating, arrived at a certain melting point, hot plate exit, and then apply a certain pressure on the two plastic pieces, arrived at the intention of welding.
Applicable: alignment PE, PP, nylon, ABS and other hot plastic plastic materials, such as headlights, water tanks, washing machine balance ring, spray barrels and so on.

Method two: Rotary welding method

Motor high-speed rotation of the plastic workpiece friction occurred between the high temperature, plastic workpiece contact surface melting, and then by external pressure, driven so that the upper and lower workpiece solidified as a permanent link.
(Plastic cups (cups, cups, vases, vases, utensils), gardening products (sprayers, pots, vats, vats, utensils) Head, fog, water pipe head hair, etc.), ball (hole ball and other training balls, float, toy ball, etc.).fusion splicer kl 360E

Method three: Ultrasonic welding method

Ultrasonic plastic welding principle is generated by the generator high-pressure, high-frequency signal, the use of energy welding head (hom) to the plastic processing, the workpiece surface and the friction between the elements of the plastic contact surface of the high temperature, Surface active solution, communication, in a second finished fusion process.
Applicable: Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, plastic toys, stationery, handicrafts, cosmetics and other tasks.

Method four: high frequency welding method

The primary principle is the occurrence of high-frequency electric field by the self-oscillating oscillator, the polarity of the plastic molecules repeated to reverse the friction heat, and then arrived at the intention of welding.
Applicable: all kinds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) -based plastic, during which products are footwear, trademarks, stickers, raincoats.

Method five: hot melt welding method

Direct heating plate on the heating parts for high temperature heating, dissolved, arrived at the riveting or metal parts buried intention.
Applicable: rare for screw placement and hot riveting pressure. Such as switches, mobile phones, all kinds of electronic products.

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